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Storage Solutions

A storage solution is intended to meet the needs of a business such as racking systems, automation systems and robotic systems in a warehouse. Pektaş does not only manufacture racking systems but also offers services in connection with the coding of warehouses, labelling of products, methods of stocking, logistics operations and automation and, provides consultancy services relating to storage solutions.

A customer who applies to Pektaş to find a solution for their requirements is informed in a detailed manner concerning every aspects of storage and logistics from A to Z by the expert engineers of Pektaş. All the needs for storage and logistics are met by products and solutions manufactured and developed locally in the best manner possible.


Pektaş has comprehensive knowledge and a variety of products to meet all types of needs for storage. Closely following the advancing technology, Pektaş adds another one to its product portfolio with each passing day. Our department of Research and Development (R&D) continuously works in these aspects.

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