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Software and Automation

Logistics Management Software is an integrated software program that consists of two basic applications for the warehouse management and the material flow control. WMS that is intended to meet all types of needs for the warehouse management processes and, MFC that is in full control of the material flow processes in a warehouse are installed on a common architecture in a way that they operate in parallel with each other and in a flawless manner.


WMS offers the functions required for the all warehouses processes and contains the interfaces that allow for the integration of the software with the main systems such as ERP. As another component of the software, MFC controls the material flows in a warehouse and contains the interfaces that allow for the integration of the software with all the PLC based field devices. Logistics Management Software enables you to easily integrate the top level business processes with the low level physical processes and, ensure an error-free and flexible integration between your data and physical processes.


Basic Warehouse Functions

  • Field devices
  • Material location details
  • Material incoming process
  • Material outgoing process
  • Entry control measurement system
  • Material collection system


Warehouse Management System


Material Flow Control System

  • Covers the control of the movements of all the materials in a warehouse.
  • Prevents the traffic on the material flow lines before it occurs.
  • Offers a balanced and efficient warehouse performance with the use of smart optimization techniques.
  • One-to-one field communication compatible with a modular structure using a PLC control.
  • A modular software program that contains all the basic and advanced functions required to manage any type of warehouse.
  • Easy to setup and easy to program offering an extendible structure.
  • Contains the definitions suitable for all types of loads and containers used in a warehouse.
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