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Sliding Type Racking System

A Sliding Type Racking System designed for light loads is installed by means of sliding the components without the use of any bolt connection. Easy to mount and demount since it is a snap on system. 

Used for the storage of automotive spare parts or any other business operation, where there is a need to store various products under different stocking positions in a single location. The most ideal racking system for the storage of small products with a wide variety of types.

Offers a multi-alternative storage opportunity depending on the stocking characteristic of the materials to be stored. These racks may be arranged for the storage of glass, long flexible parts, vehicle bodies, shock absorbers, bumpers, exhausts, door covers.

These are also affordable and flexible applications, where the components are mounted by sliding to each other without the use of bolt connections.



  • Allows you to store small products with a wide variety of types.
  • Possible to construct more than one floors. Allows you to use the warehouse area in an efficient manner.
  • Flexibility in the production of various sizes.
  • Allows for direct access to all the products.
  • Easy to place and pick up the products.
  • Usable for any size of boxes.
  • Possible to add modules optionally.
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