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Back to Back Racking System

This system is intended to stack standard and special pallets. Adoptable to any type of product and varying weights thereof. Each pallet can be accessed and stored independently from each other. This is the most used racking system at all the sectors handling a variety of products in particular since it allows for direct access to the products. A Back to Back Racking System has a strong and inflexible structure, and thus protects the stored products from being crushed and damaged otherwise.



  • Offers flexibility in respect of height and depth.
  • Allows for direct access to all the materials stored.
  • Allows you to add and remove modules according to your changing needs.
  • Has a structure suitable for any type of forklift.
  • Offers a variety of accessories to choose from.
  • Adjustable rack height, easy to install and, quick to assemble.
  • Barcoding featured system will enable you to organize and speed up your logistics processes.

  • It creates a fully automatic or semi-automatic storage area with automation systems.

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