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Silo/ Clad Racking System

This system allows you to create a silo storage by means of constructing a roof and external cladding directly on the racking system without the need for the construction of a separate building.

A Silo/ Clad Racking System eliminates the need to make a construction investment. The racks are fixed on a concrete poured on the land. Thereafter, a roof and external cladding is applied on this storage system that consists of rack components creating a structure. Thereafter, it saves up to 35% on the investment cost due the lack of a separate building. In addition, it allows you to make the best of the available area since it is possible to arrange the racks at any height of your choice. Besides, it eliminates any possible loss due to the columns and beams of a separate building. Compared to a racking system located in a building, this system is preferred due to the advantages it offers in the form of a clad rack silo storage. Further, since a Silo/Clad Racking System is demountable, it is possible to easily demount and transfer it to another location in case of an address change.

In this system, the racks do not only support the stacked products and the building components, but also are designed and constructed in a way that protects the system from dynamic effects caused by the building’s different components, the movements of the stacking vehicles as well as the wind and snow, and seismic activities such as earthquakes and all other external factors.

It is possible to combine a Silo/Clad Racking System with an AS/RS Automatic Stacking System, which offers the highest performance. The corridor distances are adjusted based on the width and height of the stacking vehicles or automatic stackers. Possible to reach up to 30 meters of under-truss height upward. During the stage after steel assembly, there is an option that the panel (exterior wall) and roof may be cladded by various cladding materials. Upon request, the system is delivered on a turn-key basis. For the construction of a Silo/Clad Racking System, the expert engineers of Pektaş prepares a project by cautiously calculating the earthquake, wind and snow loads and, the experienced installation team constructs the system.



  • No need to make any investment for the construction of a separate building.
  • Less cost compared to that of classic buildings and racks.
  • Possible to save up to 35& on the construction cost.
  • Provides a significant amount of saving on the use of land since it is possible to construct the system at any height up to 30 meters.
  • Eliminates the loss of area caused by the columns and beams of a separate building.
  • Compatible with the use of any type of stacking device (forklift).
  • Possible to add any module considering the current needs.
  • Possible to demount it and re-mount it in another location since it is demountable.
  • Allows for quick access to all the products.

Optionally, you may use this system with automatic storage systems.

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