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Shipment Logistics and Outgoing Materials

Shipment logistics also known as Outbound Logistics means that the outgoing products are handled, stored and delivered to the vehicles and transported to the destination where they are to be used. Logistics of incoming and outgoing products is unified under the t chain management.

Based on its experience of 40 years, Pektaş Stacking maximizes the reliability and productivity of the distribution networks managed by the logistics officers. 


Being fully aware of the needs to minimize the costs of transportation and storage of a business, it offers the best solutions to that end. Offers consultancy services to its customers starting from the stage of planning a logistics network. Supports its customers at every stage from the planning to the realization of the best optimum solutions. The only way to achieve harmony, timing and reliability concerning the inbound and outbound logistics is to develop a comprehensive supply chain management strategy.


Pektaş will be pleased to help you on how to handle with all types of needs of your business related to Supply Logistics by means of offering a great variety of manual solutions, conveyor systems, automatic shuttle systems, robotic solutions and software programs that are known or not known at the market.

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