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Reks Type Racks

One of the solutions that are used in spare parts warehouses in particular for the automotive sector and, all other sectors where there is a need to store various products under different stocking positions in a single warehouse.

This Reks Type Racking System developed by Pektaş is a storage system that is typically used in spare parts warehouses for the automotive sector. This is a solution from Pektaş that is created by means of assembling modules without the use of any bolt connection.



  • Stores a variety of small products.
  • Possible to create more than one floors. Allows you to use the warehouse area in an efficient manner.
  • Possible to carry the loads between the floors by means of an elevator.
  • Offers flexibility in terms of height and depth depending on the product types.
  • Easy access to the products by means of addressing.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Possible to change the rack sizes and divide each rack.
  • The back and side parts are closed.
  • Allows you to add and remove a module meeting your requirements.
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