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Narrow Corridor Racking System

This system has the racks of more than 9 meters in height. This is the system with the narrowest width of corridors since “high-altitude stackers (forklifts)” are used between the corridors. In a Narrow Corridor Racking System, only high-altitude stacking devices (forklifts) capable of working in narrow areas could be used in the corridors between the racks. These are such stacking devices operating in a narrow area without the need for turning maneuvers in the corridor. This allows for the use of narrower corridors than those required by normal stacking devices to make turning maneuvers. Classic stacking devices (forklifts) used to support the system may only exchange pallets from the main transfer corridor (standby consoles). Depending on the features of the high-altitude stocking device (forklift) capable of operating in a narrow area, a guiding rail may need to be installed between the corridors.



  • Saves on area and the number of personnel since a stacking device needs a narrower corridor than the need for the operation.
  • Makes the best of volume (particularly in case of a storage building with a high ceiling).
  • Allows you to quickly access to the products you need.
  • Employs narrower corridors than those required by a classic racking system.

Allows you to upgrade your system to a full automatic racking system (optional).

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