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Mobile Racking System

A Mobile Racking System is one of the efficient systems that allows you to make the best of the warehouse area for the products with a low circulation speed. It is a system that consists of rack cabinets that are combined by means of moving them through a motorized system on the rail installed on the floor. Allows you to access all the products at any time you need. Consists of modular chassis installed on the guide rails and movement rails and, of the racks mounted on these chassis. A single corridor formed using rack blocks movable to right and left with the help of electric motors located in the chassis ensures that the entire area of the warehouse is used in an efficient manner. A radio controlled remote or the buttons arranged in front of the blocks are used to actuate the movements of the rack blocks in the system.



  • Allows you to operate with a single corridor.
  • Allows you to make the best of the available area.
  • Offers the best solution for cold storage rooms.
  • Compatible with the use of any type of racking system.
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