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Mixed Pallet Preparation

  • The process of Mixed Pallet Preparation may be carried out manually by means of going and taking each product in anywhere in the warehouse and coming back and placing it on a single pallet.
  • The conveyor solutions from Pektaş also allows you to use much more complicated automation systems consisting of automatic vehicles and robots called Kangaroo and Junior.
  • A manual system, where each operator in a warehouse frequently walks from a location to another one in the warehouse to pick up a product, is time consuming and possibly causes errors and accidents. We recommend affordable handling vehicles (conveyors, shuttles etc.) fully designed by Turkish engineers as a result of internal R&D efforts and already successfully applied in many businesses. It is possible to carry out all these operations in a fast, faultless and untouched manner by means of pushing a single button.
  • Possible to combine palletized products in different positions in the warehouse according the types thereof in order to gather different types of products in a single pallet in line with the needs of a customer.
  • Very useful in case of an order placed a small number of products or if it is necessary to prepare a mixed pallet consisting of various products.
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