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Light Duty Sliding Racking System

A Light Duty Sliding Rack is used to store the products that need to be shipped according to the manufacturing dates thereof in warehouse projects intended first for production and then shipment. An ideal system used to pick orders and on the sides of the assembly lines. Very suitable for use in such businesses where it is preferred to operate using the principle of FIFO for boxed and packaged products.


A Light Duty Sliding Racking System is a storage racking system intended to load the boxes or packages with the same size and the same type from one side of the curved and roller sliding platforms and, unload the same on the other side thereof. 

On a Light Duty Sliding Rack, the product first placed in the channel is picked up first from the other unloading side.

A conveyor integrated in front of the system makes it faster and easier to collect orders and pick up products.



  • Fast and affordable shipments.
  • Easy to address the products.
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