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Heavy Duty Sliding Racks

A Heavy Duty Sliding Racking System may allow for a fast and advantageous pallet flow and shipment by means of rollers with a curve of 3%-4%. In addition, the pallet sliding speed is controlled thanks to the brake rollers. This ensures that the pallets move throughout a long channel in the warehouse without any damage.



  • Offers a fast and reliable method of preparing and shipping the orders in your warehouse.
  • Operates with the principle of First In First Out (FIFO).
  • Causes no unused spaces on your warehouse racks when the materials are unloaded therefrom.
  • Allows you to pick up the pallets from the warehouse racks without the need for any energy consumption.
  • Increases the level of efficiency during inventory audits.
  • Usable in all the industrial areas and distribution sectors. (food, automotive, pharmaceutical industry, chemistry etc.)

Allows you to make the best of the available area vertically and horizontally.

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