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Drive In Racking System

A Drive In Racking System is intended to allow you to stack the same pallets in depth without any gap between them back to back and on top of each other using a stacking device (forklift). The racks are arranged side by side and adjacent to one another.

The lowermost line also serves as a corridor through which the stacking device (forklift) can enter and exit. This system is called a drive in racking system since the stacking device (forklift) can drive in the system. 

This system allows a stacking vehicle to use the loading channels as a corridor and stack the pallets from back to front. Rails are used instead of traverses to load. With the help of guide rails placed on the floor, the stacking vehicle enters and exits the channels and, stacks the pallets on the specially shaped profiles located in depth in the system forming a block thereof. The system has corridor gaps between the units. There should be a guide rail on the sides so that the stacking vehicle could easily move inside the corridor. The pallets in the modules are placed on galvanized pallet sheet metals located on the right and left sides.


  • Allows you to make the best of the storage area.
  • Requires a minimum corridor width.
  • Allows for storing the materials in the form of a block.
  • Possible to manufacture the system with different heights and depths.
  • Offers a direct access to all the materials stored.
  • Allows you to add and remove modules according to your changing needs.
  • Compatible with any type of stacking device (forklift).
  • Possible to use more than one tunnel with a single stacking device.
  • Offers a variety of accessories to choose from.
  • Adjustable rack height, easy to install and, quick to assemble.
  • You can reach the same type products with Fifo and Filo systems.
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