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Automatic Storage Systems- AS/RS

An Automatic Storage System (Mini-load AS / RS / Stacking Crane) is a multi-functional system designed to automatically store and pick up boxed and packaged materials on high rack warehouses.





  • Increases the level of efficiency in terms of logistics.
  • Automates the process of the products entering and exiting the warehouse.
  • Offers an affordable automation and quickly pays off the investment cost.
  • Saves on labor force with the Fast and Efficient functions of Incoming/Acceptance, Placement and Order Collection.
  • Saves on area in the warehouses and thus saves on the rental fees for larger areas since there will be no need for larger corridors for the stacking devices (forklifts) to move.
  • Reduces the storing costs since the vertical areas of a warehouse are utilized in the best manner possible.
  • Prevents errors caused by manual operations.
  • Helps reduce the labor costs.
  • Prevents occupational accidents.
  • Easy to track all the products entering and exiting the system and, control the existing stocks in an accurate manner.
  • Allows for the placement of an order for required materials in line with the needs in the business.
  • Easy to integrate with the existing racking systems without the need for large scaled alterations and constructions in a warehouse.
  • The system can operate in every directions on three axes.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • A system that is ready to index.



Suitable for businesses that want to reduce their logistics and storing costs in such locations where the warehouse rental fees are high. Increases the amount of products stored since it makes it possible to use not only the horizontal area but also the vertical area of a warehouse. Also used by such companies with a fast warehouse circulation that are required to carry out the logistics operations in a faultless and fast manner, check the inventory accurately, place and receive the orders in just in time.

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