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Automatic Stacking

Automatic Stacking

  • Significantly saves on the costs associated with supply chains and on the supply times.
  • Operational costs of the storage considerably effects the stock-keeping costs.
  • As an alternative to the conventional storage, a cross shipment operation includes only the functions for accepting, holding and shipping goods.
  • Depending on deliveries that occur more frequently, it ensures that the deficient orders are completed in a faster manner.
  • Reduces the cost of labor force used for the loading of materials since it eliminates the stages of storage and order picking.
  • More environmentally friendly.



The cross shipment is an important process for many businesses. The cross shipment is carried out at a transfer center or a distribution center. Typically, there is a terminal between the incoming and outgoing trucks, and the transfer is carried out between the doors of the trucks, and thus it is ensured the materials are picked up from the incoming trucks and transferred to the outgoing trucks on the other side of the cross connection terminal.


There are many different methods for the cross shipment in connection with the departments of production, retail, transportation and logistics. The cross shipment may be carried out manually and also by means of more complex automation systems consisting of belt conveyors and robots. The materials may be unloaded, scanned, sorted out and placed on mixed pallets or mixed trucks in order to identify the destination thereof on the respective terminal.


The cross shipment may be carried out as a part of the supply chain for different and very special products. Very useful for the logistics concerning the products to be sorted out or the products that need to be delivered to more than one destinations in the fastest manner. Saves on the transport costs by means of combining a number of small products on a single shipment and, saves on time by means of speeding up the delivery process.


Turn-Key Projects

Based on its experience of more than 40 years in respect of storage and logistics systems, Pektaş plans in the most efficient and cost effective manner and deliver on a turn-key basis manual, semi-automatic or full automatic automation systems for your cross shipment operations, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

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