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Automatic Pallet Handling System

Kangaroo is a pallet handling cart of the shuttle called Junior designed by Pektaş that is used on the Automatic Pallet Handling System. It operates with Junior. Capable of automatically taking and bringing back the products and, leaving them on the second axis and taking them back in a fast manner. A shuttle system installed with the use of Kangaroo makes it possible to provide a significant saving on the warehouse area by means of compacting the racks in a narrower area. Personnel does not need to enter the space between the warehouse racks. And the area that normally needs to be allocated for the personnel to enter could be allocated for the warehouse and, the risk of an occupational accident reduces to almost zero. Lighting costs significantly reduce since the operation is carried out in an unlighted environment. Since all the products are taken and placed by the Kangaroo, the system knows the exact inventory of the products and materials inside, eliminating the need for counting.

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