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Pick to Light Systems

It is very hard to find the products you need among hundreds or even thousands of racks in a large warehouse. The Lighting System from Pektaş makes it easy to find the mixed products and calculate the number of products for which an order is placed thanks to the rack lighting and thus enables you to prepare the right orders and, provides a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Suitable for businesses operating complex warehouses with a fast product circulation such as e-commerce companies, spare part companies, sellers of mobile phone, manufacturers and distributers of electronics and food companies that need to prepare mixed packages and pallets. A special system that facilitates the process of locating the products on thousands of racks.



  • Easy to find a specific product out of thousands of products placed on the racks.
  • Offers an order preparation rate that is 10 times faster than a paper based system.
  • Easy to place incoming products.
  • Reduces human errors.
  • Reduces the rates of errors by means of facilitating the process of hiring temporary personnel during peak seasons.
  • Makes it easier to store the inventories.
  • Reduces deficiencies found during a year-end physical stocktaking since the error rate is decreased during both placement and picking up.
  • Guides the operator with light panels.
  • Ensures that missing and surplus materials are corrected.
  • Instantly creates an inventory record with a single button.
  • Possible to calculate the amount of products in a certain area.
  • Reduces the mistakes in calculation of the amount of materials.
  • Offers higher calculation efficiency.
  • Multicolor LED warning lamps.
  • A multi digit screen.
  • Amount increasing & decreasing buttons.
  • Industrial data transmission.
  • Flexible programming options.
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