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Spare Parts

Pektaş provides spare parts supply services for the products that it manufactures. In case of any issue occurs within the company,all requested spare parts are provided within the short period of time by our professional team. According to the customer needs all related repairment and maintenance services are provided.


Routine Maintenance is a preventive action. Upon the conclusion of a maintenance agreement, preventive maintenance operations are executed periodically by our professional team. This will ensure the usage of machines for many years.

A maintenance agreement applies to the repair of all the equipment considered to be maintained as a result of inspections carried out by Pektaş. (This repair service may or may not include materials depending on the applicable agreement). The recommended maintenance frequency depends on how frequently the system operates or the operating times thereof and is identified considering the requirements of the company.

Modernization and modification

Modernization and modification operations that  executes by Pektaş ensure the customers to use the products they purchased for a long time.
Therefore, we continuously renew products, modernize and improve them closely following the advanced technologies.

Pektaş has been meeting all types of requirements of the customers for 40 years. Based on the knowledge and experience of many years, Pektaş also offers consultancy services to help you to improve all the systems available in your facilities.

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